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Coping Strategies for Anxiety and Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

0918127001594306485.jpgAre you feeling irritable and short-tempered? Are you getting into arguments at home? Are you having feelings of nervousness and restlessness? Is it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep? You are not alone.

There are a lot of things that people about which many are feeling stressed, anxious, and worried. For example, Coronavirus and social unrest are causing worry and fear.  Also, many have lost jobs and their salaries. One of the most challenging things that many are having to deal with is the fact that they are isolated at home—having to be indoors, whether alone or even with family, is extremely difficult. I'm hearing from many people they feel irritable, angry, sensitive, anxious, and depressed. What can people do to help themselves deal better with these problems?

Here or some suggestions for coping during this difficult time:

  • while wearing masks go out for walks, whether alone, with family or with friends. In doing so, it is essential to remember to maintain Social distancing.
  • Avoiding alcohol is extremely important. The reports are that many people are drinking as a way of self-medicating their problems. Rather than working as self-medication, Drinking worsens the problems. It creates irritability, and the tendency to get into arguments at home.
  • Social interaction Is essential. The frustration is that the Coronavirus makes it difficult to socialize. Nevertheless, while wearing masks and maintaining the social distance, it is not only possible to socialize but necessary. In my psychotherapy practice, I'm encouraging people to socialize as much as possible while maintaining safety.
  • Exercise is important. I know of one person Who reported to me that they walk around their house as much as possible, including going upstairs and downstairs.
  • Owning a dog can help. People who own dogs understand that they must be what walked. Two crucial goals or achieved for those who have the dog. One important goal is getting out of the house and walking, allowing for some exercise. Besides, I always remind my clients that when you own a dog, it's impossible to be isolated. Neighbors, children, and In fact, anyone will greet and pet the dog. That is often the beginning of a friendly chat.
  • One of the best medicines in the world, for most situations, his humor. That is why I recommend watching funny television programs, movies that are funny and emailing humorous cartoons to family and friends. There is just nothing like making jokes, laughing smiling, having a sense of humor or suitable for the body and good for the soul.
  • Listening to music is one of the most soothing it will axing things a person can do.
  • I strongly recommend meditation. There is a beautiful app named CALM. Download this app to your cell phone. By either sitting or lying down and listening to some of the meditations is hugely relieving. The reflections are either guided or purely musical and, depending on your choice, can last from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Under stress, many people breathe in a more shallow way without realizing it's happening. Instead, it's essential to take a full breath, count to five, let it out, and repeat two or three times. You can feel the body begin to relax.
  • Additional strategies include avoiding watching the news.
  • Stretch to relax muscle tension—deep muscle relaxation techniques.
  • Nature helps a great deal, such as walking in the local park.
  • Avoid turning to alcohol to self-medicate. That only worsens all the symptoms mentioned, including domestic violence and child abuse.

People are experiencing feeling shut into their homes as frustrating. There is evidence that this has resulted in increased alcohol consumptions, domestic violence, and child abuse. For this and all the other reasons mentioned, it is essential to turn to psychotherapy if the different strategies do not work.

Because of the Coronavirus, most therapists are seeing people on video. While person to person contact in the office is preferable video therapy does work, and I know that from experience.

It may seem silly, but it's also important to smile. What is an old song, "smile and the whole world smiles with you." It is real, and there is evidence that points to the fact that smiling helps us feel better. Whether you are smiling or not:

I am available to provide psychotherapy services at significantly reduced rates for individuals or couples who are having difficulties coping. Contact me at [email protected]. Contact me through my website, where there is a lot more information.  http://www.allanschwartz.net

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