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Ways of Reducing Anger and Anxiety During Covid19



We know that anxiety often leads to irritability and angry outbursts. Why does this happen? 

Anxiety is a built-in alarm system that warns us of danger. Noticing a car speeding towards you while you are crossing the street sets off your alarm bells, causing an increase in adrenalin and the fight or flight response and then the automatic reaction of jumping out of the way. Afterward, many people experience the fear connected with a near miss. However, the danger has then passed, and your body returns to an equilibrium where everything feels OK again.

One of the problems with the Coronavirus pandemic is that the danger does not pass. Every day we hear about new outbreaks of the virus and more hospitalizations and deaths. These dangers set off worry about our health and that of our spouses, children, parents, and other loved ones. Add to that is being under lockdown to prevent further spread of this deadly virus. This lockdown increases the emotional strain that everyone is experiencing.

Every person has a breaking point for how much anxiety and frustration they can tolerate. Unfortunately, some people finally explode into anger. The fiery explosion causes arguments with the very people about whom they worry. We can see some of this anger with the way people react all over the country when ordered to wear their masks.

So, what are some of the methods people can use to reduce all of this tension?

  • Rather than self-isolating, talk with family and friends about how you are feeling. If you live alone, connect via phone calls or video chats. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you’re feeling. Get tips for staying connected.
  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories and social media. The general advice is to avoid watching the news because it can be depressing while increasing levels of anxiety, especially as politicians argue with each other.
  • Take time to unwind by walking in the park or on neighborhood trails while wearing your mask and observing social distancing.
  •  Take deep breaths, stretch, and meditate. Meditation has proven to be a great stress reducer, which I highly recommend.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep. During times of stress and anxiety, people often have difficulty either falling or staying asleep. This exercise is so important.
  • Exercise, even if it means going on long walks or working out at home. Not only is it a stress reducer, but it makes it easier to fall and stay asleep.
  • There are reports that people are increasing the amounts of alcohol they are drinking. That can only add to irritability and anger. It’s essential to reduce the amount you drink. It all boils down to how many drinks someone has. The general rule of thumb is that men can have two drinks and women one. However, since many will not follow that rule, it’s best to reduce the amounts taken in.

One of the most positive things that people can do is reach out to a mental health expert. Most of us are now conducting psychotherapy sessions on video platforms of one type or another.

I am available to help and at significantly reduced fees. People need to know that therapy is affordable. 

Contact me via email at [email protected]

Also, to get more information go to my website at http://www.allanschwartztherapy.net

Finally, you can learn more about me and get in contact at Psychology Today:   https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/80027/64566?sid=5f0e056284268&ref=17&rec_next=21&tr=ResultsName



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