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  • Aging and Opportunity
    Grandmother Graduates with Bachelor of Arts Degree Read more
  • Are You Stigmatized by Psychotherapy?
    Attitudes that prevent people from going to therapy. Good reasons to seek psychotherapy Read more
  • Stress and Coping
    Untreated stress can have a devastating effect on physical and mental health. Read more
  • Teenage Binge Drinking
    While adolescent drinking may be illegal it continues to happen and in the most deadly form of binge drinking Read more
  • The Family Scapegoat
    A description of how certain families abuse their children and drive them out Read more
  • Aging and Suicide, Why?
    Among the aging population there is an increasing rate of suicide. The article explores some of the reasons why. Read more
  • Child Emotional Abuse and It's Long Term Effects
    Family life is often center stage where physical and sexual abuse take place. Just as insidious is emotional abuse which seems invisible because there are no obvious scars. However, the emotional scars on the individual's personality are devastating. Read more
  • Elder Abuse
    It has taken older adults a lifetime of working hard and building savings to be able to retire. And it is precisely because of that nest egg that seniors are Read more
  • Parenting, is Love Enough?
    When it comes to raising children love is not enough for the children to be healthy and prepared for adult life. On the surface the question seems simple enough. However, Read more
  • Rumination and Obssesional Thinking
    Did you ever find yourself in a social situation that was uncomfortable and, afterwards, spent a lot of time thinking about everything you said and how dumb you must have Read more
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in the Workplace
    Labor Day has just passed. Supposedly, Americans were celebrating the gains that workers during the last century in overcoming exploitation at the hands of powerful and wealthy industrialists. However, there Read more
  • Marriage, Money, and Conflict
    4 Things You Can Do to Stop FightiAbout Finances The idea that opposites attract may work in a romantic comedy, but when it comes to marriage and money management, opposing opinions Read more
  • Adult ADHD and Difficult Relationships
    Adult ADHD and Difficult Relationships   Fictional Case Study:   Gerry met John five years ago. At first, he was warm and attentive, maybe overly so. However, she felt so flattered that she never Read more
  • Unhappy Career Choices
    Lisa is a Social Worker who chose her career because it's what her mother did. Her mom was always so inspired by her work representing and advocating for the poor Read more
  • The Psychopath and the Abused Woman
    "Women become victims because they don't recognize the difference between normal personality diversity and the signs and symptoms of pathology."(Sandra Brown, "Women Who Love Psychopaths."   I have seen it happen repeatedly Read more
  • Health Insurance and Psychotherapy, a Match Made in Heaven?
    The following article is based on one written by Nathan Feiles LCSW and can be found at this URL:   http://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships-balance/2015/09/19/should-i-not-use-insurance-for-therapy/   Recently, a man called me looking for psychotherapy and found me listed Read more


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